PLR material has been written by someone and sold to allow the purchaser to edit and then use it as if it is their own unique content. You can clearly see that the effort to produce content that is based on PLR might be less than wiritng it from scratch.

It might, however, take more effort. If the tone doesn’t match your way of writing or the quality of the original work is not high enough then the work to amend the PLR might be more than writing it from scratch.

Pros of PLR

  1. Time savings. It offers the purchaser a quicker method of getting content available for publishing. As mentioned above it can be faster to take PLR content and just edit it to make it unique content.
  2. Less cost. PLR is relatively cheap to buy. PLR authors sell their content at a cheaper rate because they expect to sell it many times over. Having bespoke content written can cost hundreds of dollars an article where as PLR is normally a few dollars for an article. Experience says that customization of prewritten content is quicker and significantly cheaper than writing from scratch.
  3. More & Different Knowledge. One clear advantage of PLR is that is written by people who will have different knowledge and experience to you. Therefore, when taking PLR and customizing it you are using your knowledge plus that of the PLR writer to produce better and more in-depth content.
  4. Usage Rights. PLR lets you (the purchaser) do virtually what you want with the content. You can edit it, split it into components, give it away, add it to other content, etc.

Cons of PLR

The Pros of PLR sound wonderful but you must remember there are some cons as well. Here are the main ones that you need to consider before buying any PLR:

  1. Quality. Quite often because the PLR is written quickly so it can be sold cheaply the quality of the writing is not great. That can be in terms of the grammar and language used or it can be because poor research has been carried out so the content itself is of dubious quality. In this case, if you use PLR which has low-quality factual content then readers will quickly go elsewhere for content they can trust more easily.
  2. Bundles. PLR is most commonly sold in bundles with numerous articles, emails, blog posts, etc all bundled together into a PLR pack that is then sold. The challenge here is that you the buyer don’t get to see the complete package before you buy and the quality of the detailed content is unknown. This means you must buy from PLR companies (or individuals) that have great market reputations – they won’t sell bad content because it will very quickly damage their reputation and therefore their business.
  3. PLR of PLR. We have seen some less than reputable PLR authors trying to sell PLR that they have created by making minimal changes to PLR they themselves have bought.
  4. Multiple Sales. By its very nature, PLR is going to be sold to many people. This means you must make significant changes to the PLR so that it is not seen as copied content. The search engines will quickly notice if your content is the same as someone elses and will rank that page lower in its rankings. Secondly, if your readers see the same content on your site as they have already seen on another.

In the next post, I will look at how to use PLR. If you have any questions or comments about this content then please fill in the form below.

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