What is attraction marketing, how does it differ from traditional marketing and why do you want to worry about it?

Traditionally marketing was all about finding people you could go out and sell to. It normally leads to cold calling, knocking on doors, and lots of home meetings that you had persuaded people to attend, and in most cases, all this activity resulted in nothing. In other words, you had just wasted all your time and effort.

Now attraction marketing is different and is the opposite to traditional marketing. Attraction marketing is all about getting people to come to you rather than you going to find them. In other words, you provide a solution for the issues people are searching about.

Attraction marketing is the perfect style of marketing for those that are in an affiliate marketing business. The thing here is that people you attract, rather than chase, will not just be an unwilling contact they will be keen to learn and buy from you.

You will know that aggressive selling of any type will turn off any potential buyer. The aim of attraction marketing is to take a pre-existing desire to buy and give the customer what they want to satisfy that latent desire.

Attraction marketing is reliant on the assumption that the best advert for the products you’re selling is you. It is a long-held axiom that people buy from people and that no amount of advertising really changes that. All the evidence we have says that the best way to attract people is to get them to know, like, and trust you, and then they will buy. So, the best brand you can work on is – you!

So, as an attraction marketeer, your job is to find out who is looking for what you sell and then demonstrate to them that you have the best product to satisfy their problem. Now, you do not do this by bombarding them with sales messages – you do this by giving them information that they see as valuable and as a by-product to show how your solution has helped others.

If you are in network marketing then you should be using attraction marketing to bring more marketers into your business. If you think about it, in this economic climate, there are a huge number of people who are looking to make money and searching for ways on the internet. Then on top of that, there are even more people in a network marketing business who are not making money and need help. Both of these are your target market.

You need to tell them stories about how you have made a success of your business and helped others be successful by using the products and services you are promoting. You should never ask them to buy from you – you just keep providing value and then when they are ready they will buy.

Now, you have a customer who will have success with one of your products and then be more likely to buy another.

In conclusion, attraction marketing isn’t difficult to implement it just requires a change in your outlook and approach to potential customers.

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