Do you want to surf Facebook and join groups but use an alias rather than your own name? Until recently Facebook has actively stopped you from doing that. Now however they are testing ways that will let users have additional profiles. So, if you want to have a profile for communicating with friends and family, another one for coworkers, and a third for a new business and then swap between them easily then this might be for you.

These additional profiles will not need to contain your real name just be unique and not have numbers or special characters.

Additional profiles will still have to follow all the Facebook rules and any infringement by an additional profile will also impact your master profile.

All the profiles will be linked to the main profile but will be able to have their own unique feeds and memberships. So, you would be able to belong to work-related groups without them filling your personal timeline and being seen by your family who has no interest in those topics.

Currently, Facebook are saying that these additional profiles will not be able to create pages though it is currently unclear whether the creation and management of groups will be allowed.

At the moment the new additional profiles feature is being tested by selected users and there is no fixed date for general release.

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