I cannot stress enough how important it is that the PLR you have paid for MUST be changed by making it your own with your point of view or new information.

You should consider using PLR as a source for your own material. You can use it by adding your own thoughts or just using it as input to write your own material.

The trick is to find the balance between using PLR as a basis for new work or just writing from scratch – that is something you need to decide for yourself and the time/effort balance.

You can use PLR for virtually anything online – blogs, emails, tips, eBooks etc. The most common use of PLR is to rewrite it and then sell it (or give it away) to get customers to start buying from you.

So, you can give away content that started life as PLR to get people to sign up for your blog posts or as a bonus for a purchaser of your products. Of course, if you use PLR for something like this then it must be relevant to your main topic.

You can also take PLR material and repurpose it as an article that can be published on a complimentary website to help build awareness and links back to your main site.


If you don’t have the time or resources to create your own content then PLR may give you enough advantage to have content taking less time to create.

As we have said it is essential that you add your own value to PLR content so that, although it is based on available content, you have made it your own. If it is just republished then you are not adding value and customers are likely to find that it is not unique and no longer trust your content.

When you are looking for PLR remember to go to reputable providers to make sure the quality of the PLR content is sufficiently high to make it worthwhile using.

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