In this post, I am going to cover phases 2 & 3 of Partnership to Success. In the previous 2 posts, I looked at phase 1 and how it set the basics for your website and the use of key tools like OptimizePress and Aweber.

The next 2 phases are also about understanding, and deciding on, fundamental components for your future product.

  • John covers selecting the niche for your product. In other words, selecting which group of people will be interested in your product, how to find them, and why this is important.
  • Then there is an introduction to PLR – what it means, the different license types, and how it will be useful for creating your own products.
  • Phase 3 is basic product creation tools. How to create PDFs, videos, audios, and presentations. Most of which is simple stuff a lot of people will know but there are some real nuggets for example how to create splash screens using PowerPoint or Keynote.
  • The final topic is about mind mapping your new product which is a great way of laying things out and crystallizing your ideas.

This is all preparation for the final (and biggest) phase – product creation.

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