Twitter has published a new report that shows the value social media activity has on the buying public.

The study worked with nearly 10,000 consumers from the US, UK, India, and Mexico to review what their viewing of brand-based social media posts has on their buying habits.

As most of us knew, or at least very strongly suspected, the study confirms that people actively look for reviews about products and services via social media. And that well over 50% said their view of a product or brand had been changed by what they had read. The impact of social media comments was much greater than reviews on product pages.

This study proves that having chatter around whatever you are trying to sell is not only beneficial but essential to ensure your success. the study showed that people remembered positive chatter much more than negative.

That doesn’t mean that negative comments are ignored but rather that positive is more beneficial.

This whole study reinforces that who you are and how you interact with people are equally as important as what you are selling. Given two identical products those with a better reputation online will get more sales.

The full report can be found here.




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