Private Label Rights (PLR) is a simple legal license that allows you to amend content written by someone else and then use it as their own content. It is granted by the author and says that once the purchaser has made alterations, to customize it, the purchaser then has all ownership rights and can do what they want with it. It must be stressed that changes must be made to the original content – it cannot be used as is.

There is a hierarchy of resell rights of which PLR grants the most rights to the purchaser.

The parent of them all is Resell Rights which gives the purchaser permission to resell the product as it stands.

Then comes Master Resell Rights – this lets the purchaser resell the product without change but they can also sell the rights for someone else to sell the product again without change.

In neither case can the purchaser give the content away nor split it into different components.

Today, ebooks and articles are the most frequently available forms of PLR but virtually any time of content can be used as PLR material – videos, audios, presentations, etc.

In the next post, I will look at the pros and cons of using PLR in your business.

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